The South Skye Seas Initiative (SSSi) is a community based project for the conservation of
Loch Eishort, Loch Slapin and Loch Scavaig, adjacent land and communites on the Isle of Skye.



Some of the best marine biodiversity in the UK
Ecological conservation
Teaching and learning
Biological surveys
Wildlife tourism
Water quality
Enhanced local economy
Improve local rivers

Fabulous landscapes, appreciated by locals and visitors
Accommodation, food and drink
Tasteful improvements to access and interpretation
Rivers once again support angling

Diving and kayaking
Human wellbeing
Enhanced local economy

Support for local enterprises
Ecologically sustainable enterprise: prawn creeling, mussel, oyster and kelp farming, scallop ranching
Tourism facilities
Small scale closed-containment fish farming: aquaponics
Good food produced lcocally: food yards, rather than food miles
Improved local employment prospects
Enhanced local economy